Dwinguler News

Title Design Introduction (Dusk Gray)
Date 2021-07-16


“DUSK GRAY” It is expressing luxurious textured rug texture 🥰

The rugs have good points of its warmth, but it is difficult for children to lie down and live.
Also hygiene management is not easy. 🤗🤗

The Dwinguler mat designed DUSK Grey by adding a modern atmosphere and a warm texture effect that the rug gives.

It offers a soft feeling for our baby to use
It is safe to lie down, play and live because it is an environment where germs cannot live in.🤩

Daily contamination is always clean as long as you wipe it off with a wet towel.

It blocks cold air from the floor and the soft cushion perfectly helps kids to lie, crawl, and roll.👍👍

The back side is a rug texture effect with ABC animal characters
Kids even like it more💞