Dwinguler Butterfly

Neck Pillow that holds my kidí»s head without shaking.
Butterfly Effect.

Like flapping of the wings of a tiny butterfly influences a big typhoon,
a tiny movement of Dwinguler butterfly influences a good posture of the brain of children all over the world with a hope to protect the health of beloved children.

The pattern of Dwinguler neck pillow and blanket are not a imported fabric. They are designed in R&D center of Dwinguler.
Anyone can use imported fabric but the pattern of Dwinguler Neck Pillow is an exclusive deisgn that Dwinguler has analyzed and designed.

Caution! What is shaken baby syndrome?
Protect neck of your kid with Dwinguler neck pillow and prevent shaken baby syndrome

100% Cotton
Eco-friendly materials

100% Cotton
Eco-friendly materials

More comfortable design fits to kidí»s body by ergonomic design
More comfortable with Dwinguler Butterfly neck pillow designed ergonomically

More comfort

Butterfly neck pillow is designed for more effective holding of shaking and impact.

Added thick compressed cotton in the connecting part
in the middle to absorb the impact on the back of head when using stroller and car seat,
and prevents chill when using it on floor.

Durable inside material

More soft, more elastic!
Used functional inner material to hold the head of babies with more comfort and elasticity,
and secured dynamic stability to maintain original form after long period of use and washing.

Hand made process

Perfectly represented the design by excellent the sartorial art.
All of processes are done manually by skilled technician to present the beautiful shape of butterfly wing perfectly.
Sedulous sewing on each stitch contains the heart of Dwinguler which never neglects on any single part.

Body temperature protector for out keen baby!
More comfortable with Dwinguler Butterfly neck pillow designed ergonomically.

The protector of our babiesí»body temperature

Babies with low thermoregulatory ability according to outer temperature change are often prone
to have a cold and their body temperature is below the normal temperature.

Dwinguler Blanket helps babies keep their body heat by using velboa fabric.
Embossing effect Of Velboa fabric offers non-slip and have the advantage of being of equal quality after washing.

Luxurious and sophisticated backstitch

Blanket features four corner stitches not toseparate upper and lining and is produced with skilled sewing and with all our heart.

Dwingulerí»s luxurious and sensitive design development

The development of sensitivity pattern design
through the know-how.

Dwinguler is the famous brand of children product in the world and
we have been researching many designs which children all over the world like by analyzing customerí»s purchasing behavior.

Dino and elephant design have been developed from shape to colors through design laboratory and
the right is now being protected all over the world.

A motherí»s good sense to make babies more stylish anywhere and at any time

More stylish and more warm!

Mothers who prefer to do outdoor activities are highly interested in
strollers, car seats, baby-bouncer and carriers, especially fashion.

Dwinguler neck pillow and blanket can make babies stylish anywhere and at any time.

In a stroller, In a car seat, When babies drinking milk,
When changing babiesí» diapers, At home, In babiesí» room.

Coated surface Blanket can be used anywhere and at any time
by putting it into a bag as it is convenient
and easy to carry.
Coated surface The size of blanket is optimized for babies and infants.
The size of blanket is optimized to use it for nap,
in stroller and car seat.

Latex cushion is easy for germs and bacteria to live in it easily although being managed as it is hard to wash.
Dwinguler butterfly can be managed in a hygienic way and easily taken care of as it can be easily cleaned.