Dwinguler Kids Sofa

First sofa with outstanding fit for my kids!
Made from Eco-Friendly materials. (SOFFKIN Leather, Eco-friendly foam used)
Encourage and maintain good posture with ergonomic rounded design.
Long Lasting Use and High Durability.

Features of Dwinguler Kids Sofa
The very first sofa for your baby!

SOFFKIN is a top class synthetic leather brand made in Korea with 30 years accumlated technology.
As SOFFKIN contacts skin of babies directly, we secured the eco-friendly certificate such as antibacterial,
heavy metals, phthalate free and so on, and it also excellently presents design factors like luxurious gloss, embossing pattern.


SOFFKIN has creditable quality and is not detected with any environmentally hazardous substance and inhibits propagation of the bacteria.
Coated surface reduces the contamination and makes it easy to clean,
and to use for long period of time.
SOFFKIN Leather is certified for Environmental Mark.

We used advanced functional material which is developed with natural vegetable oil (From Rape blossems, Sunflower oil),
and it doesn't contain any of darmful chemical substance It has good permeability,
and it distributes the pressure evenly which helps blood circulation.

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Special function of Dwinguler Kids Sofa
A eco-friendly sofa which Dwinguler made and more reliable

Coated surface
Encourage and maintain good posture with
ergonomic rounded design.
Easy to clean
Non-flip wide base creates stability.
Thickness for safety
From your children's good reading habits by providing them with this "fatigue-free" sofa.

Let your kids to have their own private space.

Coated surface
A safe solid biofoam structure without any glue used.
Easy to clean
Wipe easily with water based towel.
Thickness for safety
Antibacterial ability of the SOFFKIN leather stops
the propagation of germs from everyday use. Safe for kids to use.

Coated surface
Strong Stitch.
High quality hand stitiching.
Easy to clean
Zipper removable cover enables you to check the inside eco-friendly material.
Thickness for safety
Dwinguler-SOFFKIN Label, Dwinguler Logo
Check the Genuine guarantee label.