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Gym Play mat


Gym Play mat

Eco-Friendly SOFFKIN PVC Synthetic leather used
SOFFKIN is a top class synthetic leather brand made in Korea with 30 years accumulated technology. As SOFFKIN contacts skin of babies directly, we secured the eco-friendly certificate such as antibacterial, heavy metals, phthalate free and so on, and it also excellently presents design factors like luxurious gloss, embossing pattern.

High-density foam provides babies safety and easy folding, easy storage.


-Inside Foam
1. High density PE Foam
2. Shock reduction
3. Excellent dynamic stability

-Outer Skin
1. Non-Slip
2. Water-proofcoated leather
3. 3. Eco friendly synthetic leather which is certified environmental mark

< Thickness >
1.6inches thick foam layer with high density to prevent floor noise.