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Play mat - Lux


LUX Play mat

High quality & interior

Dwinguler mat made by high-quality raw materials and technology accumulated through mat production for more than 30 years, collaboration with professional designers, we added depth and good vibes to the design.

All customers who grab this will be given the luxury value through the newly introduced high quality product with stylish design.

Beyond that limit, the value of premium.

Beyond that limit, the value of premium

No, Repeat

Dwinguler LUX with one image without repetition, and the existing play mat design beyond that, it will enhance the dignity of your space

Customize & Limited Edition

Any design that customers want can be realized. It gives customers the special of Limited Edition through small quantity production and high completeness.

Strong Durability

play mat has the best durability among Dwinguler products by adding a clear coating layer to the surface.All customers can use it for a long time as it is in its original state.