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Play mat - Sens


SENS Play mat

A new type of play mat that stimulates five senses!
Look, listen, talk, touch, and feel!
Definitely this is the best first playing of your adorable baby.

Sound Play mat

Learn six languages through only one mat.
More than 500 contents per language will improve listening and speaking skills.
How about playing Animal sounds, numbers, and instruments with a talking pen?

Augmented Reality mat

Use it with your smartphone!
3D animation of Aesop's fable will be unfold in your under nose!
It stimulates imagination and language skills.

Tactile Sense mat

Look at the special emboss, touch and feel them.
It would be the answer to develop EQ and IQ of the little one.

Origami mat

Origami is good to improve a child's muscles and left & right hemisphere evenly Playing an origami with family helps emotional development.

Increasing concentration and sense of accomplishment.

Origami gives a sense of accomplishment and helps children to develop their concentration skills.